Causa Scriptor
Writing for your non-profit mission  

Why Us?

Your cause matters—we help you explain why. Whether it is constructing housing in Rwanda, implementing child-abuse prevention programs in Baltimore, or finding a cure for a devastating disease, words can help explain the value of investing in your mission.

Good writing is clear, honest, positive, and compelling. Our goal is to tell your story in a way that makes a lasting impression.

Proven experience. With over fifteen years of senior-level fundraising communications experience, Causa Scriptor can help you hone a communications strategy, craft a clear case for support, prepare a compelling fundraising proposal, prepare an engaging speech, or lay the groundwork for a moving video that leaves viewers with a deeper appreciation of your cause and funding needs.

Strategic and focused. Nothing loses donor interest more quickly than a long-winded, confusing case statement. We can help evaluate your current messaging, hone your communications with strategic focus, and identify the best way to share your vision.

Balance between writing and design. We understand the importance of balancing clear writing with compelling design. The integration of text with appropriate design—including callouts, photos, images, and graphs can be tricky. We will work with your designer--in house, or with outside vendors--to ensure the final product matches your goals. We can even recommend designers with years of experience helping non-profits achieve their goals with visual distinction.

Focus on your project, your mission. A seasoned writing professional will focus entirely on your project until it is completed. An experienced manager with a proven track record of completing work will guide your project.

Our goal is your goal.  We want you to feel great about the process and the finished project. And of course, we want to raise money for your cause.

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